Our Holidays

Our holidays are designed first and foremost for people who love Steelpan. People who want to immerse themselves in the culture surrounding this most charismatic of instruments, people who want to learn more about it, learn to play it or improve existing skills, learn to tune it, and even create arrangements for the band at home. Or maybe just soak up the vibes and listen to a range of live performances and join in with practice sessions in Panyards.

Our holidays are also designed for people who want to experience the vibrancy and energy of a rich multicultural society where people of different races and heritage mingle to produce the famous Trini joie de vivre as well as the famous Trini cuisine.

As well as catering for Pan fanatics our holidays are designed for their partners, family members or friends who want to experience the energy and vibrancy of the world of pan but without necessarily taking part in all the pan related activities. We can arrange individual trips and activities based entirely on individual wishes.

The accommodation is luxurious, all inclusive, and modern. Transport is provided by our regular driver in an air conditioned minibus. During excursions and visits our security officer will be accompanying us at all times.

There will be trips to the beach; both in Trinidad and Tobago, there will be an expedition to the famous Asa Wright nature reserve in the mountains. There will be every opportunity to sample the best that Trinidad has to offer from street food such as Doubles, Roti, Corn Soup and Shark and Bake to fine dining in any one of the many high quality restaurants.